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Exam Success believes community matters and providing scholarship awards to help CFA candidates reach their goal of becoming CFA Charterholders, is how we give back.

Scholarship awards are partially funded by our event proceeds and are primarily intended to assist current, recently graduated (6 months or less) full-time University/ College students, who are new to Exam Success, with select Exam Success program tuition fees.

We will also consider applications/ offer assistance to individuals who may not be able to afford Exam Success tuition fees, based on demonstration of financial need.

Multiple awards that reduce the regular (pre-discounted tuition) by up to $200 are available, however as requests may exceed available funds, it's important to apply early.

Complete the Following:

Scholarship awards reduce the regular (pre-discounted) course tuition as follows:

Scholarship awards cannot be combined together or with any other offer and are not applicable retroactively so be sure that you submit your application and receive your status prior to enroling.

Applications are processed as they are received.  Exam Success will contact you with your scholarship status, instructions no more than 4 business days after receiving your application, and often a lot sooner. Please follow-up with us if you have not been contacted or you would like feedback more promptly.

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